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Published: 2021-09-16 10:00:07
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Project Proposal:Multidisciplinary Research Programs Towards the Realization of Sustainable Integrated Tourism Development for the Municipality of San Juan I. Proponent:University of Batangas through the Center for Research, Publications, and Extension and the Batangas Heritage Center II. Duration:January 2013 – June 2013 III. Implementing Agency :University of Batangas through its agencies and the Municipality of San Juan, Batangas through the Office of the Mayor and the Municipal Council
IV. Funding Agency:Municipality of San Juan, Batangas V. Brief Description of the Project: San Juan, a first class municipality and the second largest town in the Province of Batangas, has been considered in its admirable history as the cradle of heroism and bravery. The geography and culture of San Juan, now famous both nationally and internationally have elevated the status of this municipality to rank it amongst the most attractive destinations in the Philippines.
However, San Juan’s potential to soar to greater heights needs to be discovered through the assistance of an academic institution who have proven to be capable of providing the support to San Juan because of its research experiences and capabilities. This is the reason why the University of Batangas and the Municipality of San Juan should work hand in hand so that a dream for greatness may be achieved.

University of Batangas is an institution known not only for its ability to produce quality graduates but also for its capability to come up with multi-disciplinary research that will be beneficial for the developmental projects of the Municipality of San Juan. This capability of UB is proven by the quality refereed research paper that it produced covering the different disciplines from the sciences and mathematics, to humanities and social sciences.
For the San Juan research programs, UB will make available its manpower resources through the UB Center for Research, Publications, and Extension (CRPE) and the following will make up the research structure of UB for San Juan Projects: 1. Consultants for the Project: a. Dr. Abegayle Machelle Perez-Chua, UB Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the UB College of Allied Medical Sciences b. Atty. Jesus Victor Mayo, UB Vice President for Students and External Affairs c. Dr. Florencio V. Reyes, UB Assistant Vice President for Academics, Research, and Accreditations . Clusters: a. Humanities (Philosophy, History, Culture, and the Arts), Social Science, and Teacher Education – to be headed by Dr. Lionel E. Buenaflor, whose research inclinations are on history, philosophy, and the arts. This cluster will focus on the study of the ceremonies, cultural texts, and other cultural material forms, festivals and their significance, historical narratives, social organizations, arts and crafts for the purpose of promoting the identity of the Batanguenos in general and of the people of San Juan, in particular.
This cluster will be in charge of the cultural and historical mapping and its intended output is to develop a heritage tour on San Juan’s colonial church, ancestral houses, and historical sites. b. Ecology and Natural Resources Management – this cluster will be headed by Dr. Percival Arthur Timothy Showers, whose field of expertise is on Marine Science, Oceanography and Environmental Sciences. The cluster will focus on both the aquatic and the terrestrial, i. e. , on the aspects of ecology that are significant and have potential for tourism activities.
The researches on ecology under this cluster are expected to pave the way for adventure tourism in San Juan because it will identify and establish paths and jungle tracks for trekking, swimming, boat-hiring, kayaking, as well as birds, bats, plants, and aquatic species for photography, research, and sight-seeing. c. Socio-Economic Researches – This cluster will be in-charge of the socio-demographic profiling, the commodity flow and market patterns, as well as the socio-economic profiling and resource use patterns of San Juan.
This cluster will be headed by Prof. Grace A. Perdiguerra (Ph. D. Candidate) who is a native of San Juan and whose expertise also includes literature and the arts. By analyzing the socio-economic profile of the people of San Juan, the cluster will be responsible for creating activities and organizing seminars and workshops for livelihood programs, leading to the development of tourism in the municipality of San Juan. d. Environmental Sustainability – This cluster will be headed by Engr. Alma M. Kalaw (Ph.
D. Candidate) whose field of expertise is not only Civil Engineering but also Environmental Engineering. This cluster will focus its study on potable water, waste water, solid wastes, road network availability, as well as on fuel sources. e. Tourism Development and Sustainability – This cluster will be headed by Prof. Jane Katrine Atienza (MA Candidate) whose expertise is on Tourism Industry. This cluster will deal on the potentiality of San Juan to provide tourism services present in the area.
It is the responsibility of this cluster to coordinate with other clusters in order to design the type of tourism that can be applicable in the different areas of San Juan. The services that it will provide for San Juan will include the analysis of amenities and facilities, transport and access, energy, water and waste management, as well as on the promotion and marketing of the whole of Municipality of San Juan as a tourist destination.
The potential of San Juan as a tourism destination will be assessed through organizational interviews, community consultation and the bio-physical assessment from the preceding clusters above. f. Business Training and Development – This cluster will focus on organizing seminars and workshops for the people of the Municipality of San Juan in order to make the SanJuenos well-prepared for tourism activities and other entrepreneurial endeavors. This cluster will be headed by Prof. Francia Yvette Magpantay, MA, the head of the HRM Department in the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management in UB.
This cluster has the aim of developing trainings for culinary arts and technical competencies for hotel and resort managements. g. Human Resource Management ??? - This cluster will be headed by Dr. Catalino Mendoza. (please continue) This program of researches involving different clusters underscores the principle that tourism should be perceived as a supplementary, and not as an alternative source of income—an economic activity supplemental to the social functions of the residents as resource users and managers.
It is expected that the output of the researches on the different areas will lead to extension programs that will address the perennial issues on environmental preservation and conservation, livelihood, youth rehabilitation programs, curriculum and educational programs designed for institutions like Day Care Centers, churches, and institutions that are responsible for culture and arts preservation.
It is the aim of this research program to carefully analyze the present skills and knowledge of the people of San Juan so as to assess the necessity to render trainings in order to empower the local populace to manage their own tourism and to create methods for environmental protection. The project “Multidisciplinary Research Programs Towards the Realization of Sustainable Integrated Tourism Development for the Municipality of San Juan” is developed in order to provide technical support for San Juan towards the realization of the following objectives: . To come up with a promotional campaign plan for the Municipality of San Juan relative to the organization of tourism programs (which includes agri-tourism, heritage tourism, community-based tourism, adventure tourism, eco-tourism, and aquaculture tourism). This promotional campaign plan will be based from the cultural, historical, and terrestrial mapping of the Municipality of San Juan in order to identify places where activities for tourism programs will be conducted.
In addition to this, the promotional campaign plan will pave the way for the creation of a Municipal Museum and a Cultural Center where the culture of San Juan will be showcased and promoted. This is again through the technical support that UB will be providing to the people of San Juan. 2. To provide San Juan with livelihood and well-being workshops, trainings, and seminars.
UB-CRPE is set to tap the different colleges and departments of University of Batangas in order to organize livelihood trainings, seminars related to health awareness, and entrepreneurial workshops in order to guide the people towards the attainment of a better and more decent life. 3. To organize environmental awareness and protection programs. San Juan has been endowed by God with a fruitful land and a well-balanced ecology that is worthy of being preserved and developed.
In this regard, UB CRPE’s research experience related to the ecosystem, as well as its linkages to agencies and NGO’s will be worthy enough to assist the Municipality of San Juan to come up with programs for the protection and improvement of San Juan’s ecosystem. It is the intention of UB to organize in San Juan an Ecology Society, which will be comprised of the SanJueno teachers, municipal workers, and other environmental enthusiast, whose job is to propagate species of San Juan’s flora and fauna as well as to protect environment and disseminate information on environmental protection.
UB will also introduce to San Juan the Dark Green Project intended to the different public and private schools for the students to develop appreciation and initiatives on environmental protection. 4. To make plans for research trainings for municipal workers and teachers of both private and public schools in San Juan. Aside from the San Juan Ecology Society that UB intends to organize for the people of San Juan, it also has the intention of establishing a Historical Society, whose members are the SanJueno writers and historians and whose job is to conduct studies and researches on the history, culture, and the arts of San Juan.
This is for the purpose of developing among the people of San Juan a great pride in their cultural heritage. Expected Output For this project proposal, the following will be the expected output based on the given objectives. I. Promotional Campaign Plan for the Municipality of San Juan 1. Resources Mapping a. Cultural Mapping b. Natural Resources Mapping c. Historical Mapping i. Built Heritage ii. Intangible Heritage 2. Organization of tourism programs a. Ecotourism b. Health and wellness tourism c.
Heritage tourism d. Adventure tourism e. Agri-tourism f. Community-based tourism 3. Establishment of municipal museum and San Juan Cultural Center 4. Plans for development of promotional materials/collateral (brochures, maps, etc) 5. Training / workshop on conduct of tourist statistics 6. Linkage project with ABS-CBN for Travel Magazine Show and Publications 7. Technical assistance on organizing events for promotion of San Juan and its tourism industry II. Livelihood and Well-being workshops . TESDA Competency Skills Trainings i. Food and Beverage Services ii. Commercial Cooking iii. Front Office Service iv. Housekeeping Services v. Tour Guiding Services vi. Bartending b. ETEEAP Short-term Courses c. Workshop on developing tour packages d. Culinary Entrepreneurship e. Short term course on Creative Writing, Performing Arts & Visual Arts f. Cultural Entrepreneurship Course III. Environmental Awareness and Protection Programs a. Mangrove Rehabilitation b. Dark Green Project c.
Lnd Surveying, site Development, Ground Water Resources Assessment d. Mapping of Flora and Fauna IV. Research Trainings a. Organization of San Juan Historical Society i. Publications of Local Book ii. Publication of Coffee Table books and Cookbook of San Juan foods and beverages b. Organization of San Juan Ecology Society c. Organization of Barangay Cooperatives d. Writing and Publication of Travel Guide Book Curriculum Vitae of the UB Researchers Educational background Seminars and trainings Professional Linkages

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