The Ethical Dilemma Faced by Lemessurier

Published: 2021-09-15 08:30:08
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Saving Citicorp Tower The city group center was a unique example that shows what engineers can accomplish. The location where the group of engineers was trying to locate the building already had a church at that location. Instead of demolishing the church, they built around it. In the beginning they decided that the building will be built on columns that will raise the building above the level of the church. Normally a raise building would have large columns on the four corners. Unfortunately, one of the corners would be directly through the church.
Engineers define ways to move the column to the middle of the side of the building while still maintaining the structural integrity of the building. LeMessurier later found out that if the wind blows quarterly the building is not going to be protected, by the time the large wind blows. The additional loads will be brought down an imaginatively designed trussed frame, which incorporated wind braces on the outside of the tower. By the time when LeMessurier discovered the problem had to act quickly. He decided to step up and face the mistake, even though the price to deal with the problem could be outrageous.
The ethical dilemma faced by LeMessurier was between the responsibility of the building and the safety of the public. The conflict between his duties to various financial entities verses ensuring the safety of that building would come into play. LesMessurier avoided the nightmare of death by simply changing a structures design, even though the changes could affect his professional reputation. He still decided to step up and make a change to save thousands of people, like engineering codes dictate.

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LeMessurier is courage serves as a great example of engineering excellence in that he dealt with his error and he was not afraid of risking getting fired by the industry. For me, I don’t think I would have the ability and faith to step up to make a change, since this mistake would make me responsible for so much and could lead to future difficulty , so I believe that would not be the thing I would do. But looking at it on LeMessurier’s side, he was an experienced expert in this field and I believe the way how he steps up to make people actually listen to him and follow his direction is admirable.

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