The duty and role of the producer

Published: 2021-08-31 03:55:14
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As far as the market is concerned, there is the existence of a diverse range of products that are meant for the purposes of human consumption. The duty and role of the producer is to come up with a product to be disposed through the process of marketing to the ultimate consumer. By so doing the goals as well as the objectives of the producer is the generation of profit.

It therefore applies that the question of the safety as well as the health issues of the product is not the concern of the producer but a matter of personal issue of the determination of the side effect as well as the harm that may be associated with the consumption of the product.

Majority of the products in the market that are meant for consumption are generally unhealthy as well as a cause of death to the human beings. In the consideration of the range of the products that poses health risk to the consumer from the range of fast foods to the tobacco products, the list can only be considered to be endless.
However, all these products are usually promoted in the market through the process of advertising, highlighting the best side of the product while the knowledge about the harmful effects is in most cases concealed. However the consequent actions of the consumer are entirely blamed on the advertisement.
Advertising is generally understood as the act as well as the practice of creating the awareness of the product to the consumer in view of influencing the behavior of the consumer in favor of the product. It is purely wrong to place the blame of the actions of the consumer on advertising.
This kind of situation can be equated to blaming an individual who is entitled to his or her own views. The advertising agencies and the product owners should instead, take the blame. Across the majority of cultures and especially the United States the responsibility of the personal choice has been eroded and people otherwise point fingers in alternative directions (Fox 98).
The concept of advertising forms a major segment in as far as the society is concerned. Through advertising, the public attention with regard to the existing products, the needs as well as the services is sensitized. There exists no boundary as to the effects aroused by the practice of advertisement with regard to the potential harm inflicted on the body of the individual.
The advertising companies push the harmful products to the disposal of the user. It should however be remembered that the ultimate use reserves the final judgment with regard to the use or abstinence from the use of the product. In contrast to this fact, it has been evident that majority of the people have laid the poor choices made by the consumers on the advertising companies.
The tobacco as well as the alcohol industries is among the most notable industries that have been the target in as far as the blames of this category are concerned. The concept of personal responsibilities among the majority of people have been eroded, a situation that has resulted to the consideration of the advertising industry as a scapegoat for the poor associated with the consumers (Goodrum 145).
It is an obvious fact that the majority of the individuals will be adamant in as far as the issue of admitting to the reality is concerned but all in all connecting advertisement to the wrong judgment of the consumer is not justified.
This can only be taken as the absence of the potential capacity of the individual to exercise personal responsibility with regard to the choices that the individual is in a position to take as well as implement. To exonerate themselves, the poor choice of the consumer is pegged on advertising as the scapegoat.
It is a common practice for people with weak willpower to blame others for the poor judgments that they make. The process of making coherent decisions is rooted in the potential capacity for the people to shoulder their personal responsibilities.
The fact that an advertisement has been aired is not an implication that it should be wholly embraced but rather the individual is at liberty to enjoy or disdain the product targeted by the advertisement (Fox 158).

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