The Aeneid of Greece by Virgil The Aeneid

Published: 2021-09-14 21:55:09
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The Aeneid of Greece by Virgil The Aeneid, tells the story of Aeneas's journey in search of the land where he is destined to build the city that will one day become the great Roman Empire. Largely influenced by Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, the Aeneid begins halfway through Aeneas's journey, as he nears the city of Carthage, ruled over by Dido, who built the city after fleeing from her murderous brother. King Arthur of Britain, by Howard PyleThe character of King Arthur is larger than life.
He is rarely presented as truly human; he is either the idealized symbol of Camelot and the virtues of the Round Table, or he is a peripheral character sometimes virtuous but rarely with a penetrating intelligence capable of seeing long-term effects and making sound decisions. Whether a historical Arthur actually existed, what we are left with today is a mythological character, memorable and tantalizing in his virtues and foibles. Beowulf was written in England, but is set in Scandinavia. The author is unknown.
This epic poem describes the hero Beowulf marching with his fourteen warriors and arrive at the place of Heorot where he finds that he king of Heorot Hrothgar terrified by a monster called Grendel. Beowulf manages to kill Grendel and his monster-mother at his abode beneath a lake. After that he returns to his country and becomes the king there and rules his kingdom for fifty years. He dies of the wounds he got once during the combat fought with a dragon. Gilgamesh Is the Priest-King of the city of Uruk.

He is a tyrannical king who works his people to death and takes what he wants from them. He kills the young men at will and uses the women as he pleases. The people of Uruk cry out to the gods for help so that they can have peace. | Ramayana - is the immortal tale of Shri Rama that teaches us the values of ideology, devotion, duty, relationships, dharma and karma. Biag ni Lam-ang (Tagalog: "Buhay ni Lam-ang") ay isang epikong tula ng mga Ilokano mula sa rehiyon ng Ilokos sa Pilipinas.
Sinalaysay at sinulat sa orihinal na wikang Ilokano, pinapaniwalaang na pinaghalong gawa ito ng iba't ibang mga lumilikha ng tula na pinasa sa pamamagitan ng mga salinlahi, at unang sinulat noong 1640 ng isang bulag na manunula na si Pedro Bucaneg. Ibalon – Author Fr. Jose Castano May tatlong mga bayani sa epiking ito: Baltog, Handyong, at Bantong. Unang bayaning dumating sa lupang ibalong ay si Baltog at sya ang nagpayaman ng bukid.
Ang pangalawang bayani na dumating sa ibalon ay si Handyong, nakipaglaban siya kasama ng kanyang mga tao sa libu-libong mga giyera at digma. At si bantong ang namuno sa pag patay sa kalahating tao, at kalahating halimaw na c Rabot. | Analysis: The difference between western and eastern epic, the eastern epic involves the story about Indians and Philippines but in western epic they start from the medieval ages and it involve the story about the gods and the goddess.

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