Swot Analysis Of A Manager Of A Fast Food Shop

Published: 2021-09-14 09:00:08
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Strengths –
Years of experience working, managing and owning a fast food restaurant Good communication skills with customers
Friendly attitude with customers and staff

Being able to mentor staff as I have years of experience in this field
Weaknesses –
Health problems
I have to look after my family which includes young children personally sometimes causing me to work less
Opportunities –
To franchise and own more fast food shops
I’m close to staff which I think my competitors might lack
Threats –
My staff might not be motivated enough if I work less
Less time working means that I will get less customer feedback and less time to communicate with them
(B) Skills Audit
My key skills are communicating with customers and satisfying them. I also have leadership skills, which enable me to guide and motivate the staff to perform better and be nicer to customers. Years of experience also help me decide how to deal with different members of staff and how to motivate them.
There are gaps in my skills such as my stress levels. I get stressed pretty easily and fatigue catches up too in a few hours of work. I can sometimes tend to be short tempered which might affect my mood at times and cause others to misunderstand me. Also, expressing my emotions correctly can also be seen as a vital gap.
(C) Evaluation of my Strengths and Weaknesses -
Years of managing and owning a fast food restaurant certainly has its benefits. I know what customers like and what they might not like and the kind of service they like to be provided with. I tend to have good communication skills with both the customers and staff, which tend to be imperative too. Being friendly with the customers encourages them to come to my shop more often. I make sure me and my staff act friendly with them and provide them with the best possible service. I understand how to motivate my staff; each and everyone get motivated in different ways. I use my skills and experience to motivate staff and push them to work harder and provide better service. My staff may look up to me as a mentor and respect my years of hard work to be successful in this business.
My weaknesses might make me work less. Working less at my shop will cease me from having opportunities to bond with customers and creating a good relationship with them. It will also affect how I would like to personally ensure that the food being served is of the best quality and the service provided is admirable. My low fatigue level might get me tired, inefficient and might cause me to be downcast at times. These might stand as problems and if I cant work more, it’ll be tough for me to expand my business. These weakness in the long run stand in my way to achieve my goals in the future.
I would try to quickly try and address these problems so that they don’t affect my goals. I would try to work on my health. I would try and workout in the gym, jog and eat healthy so that my health becomes better over time and fatigue doesn’t come easily. Working out or jogging would also help me reduce my stress levels. This could also somehow make me more stressed out and tired in the short run but hopefully it should eventually make my health better overall in the long run.
I could also appoint a dedicated and efficient manager for the time being to play my role in the shop till I recovered and returned to my full ability. Although the manager might not live up to fulfilling my specific tasks and might just be a letdown because I have to pay an extra employee, appointing one would certainly be worth a try for the short run.

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