Svenska Handelsbanken Case Analysis

Published: 2021-09-15 21:45:09
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1. Answer to case "Svenska Handelsbanken" No t e b o o k: Cre at e d : 5. Org Control 2012-05-08 10:45 Up d at e d : 2012-05-08 23:31 1. Using the 7S-model, describe what are the elements and the linkages in Svenska Handelsbanken. Which one of the 7 components is vital? Provide arguments for each of your descriptions, and not mere conclusions. 7 S model consists of 7 elements which are Strategy,Structure, System, Shared Value, Style, Staff, Skills. Applying 7S model to Handelsbanken : Strategy : cost-efficiency => "low cost" competition. doing safe investment, avoiding speculation. risk control) international expansion. differentiate with customized service/products, targeting for those "picky" customer concerning about quality of service. use "network effect" for marketing. (use word of mouth to market their products). focus on small / middle sized customers. open branches close to those giant corporates. provide financial support to Nordic companies who expand internationally. Structure: Handesbanken is a typical decentralized (in term of division/geography) company, which consists of many autonomous branches. Those autonomous branches have large amount of control and responsiblity. lat management : The only layers between branches and CEO is a group of 11 regional manager. therefore the hierarchy of whole company is very flat. (add CFO or something else .... ) System : there is no top-down goal setting and annual budgeting. branches compete with each other in term of RoE => league table HRM system => incentive system, employee holdings (Trust company). (put into System or Staff or Share Value, ????? ) Risk control bottom-up product development process. cost management system (both committee and branch manager), ???? Shared Value: (culture) core : customer-oriented. need better wording ?? ) culture of thrift. senor of ownership => from employee level to branch level. people recognition innovation ??? growing people (?? ) Autonomous (structure ?? ) Style : long term orientated customer focused style. (preservative) responsive to customer request. empowerment (share value or style ?? ) Staff : recruit people who has inner drive, self-starting, committed to service. entrepreneurship for the branch manager extrovert/open/out-going Skills: with considerable banking experience. entrepreneurship skill is a must for branch manager. ross-selling skills which one is vital ? (provide evidence) shared value is vital. because it is the internal driver for other six. candidates : strategy, staff, structure. 2. What are the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for the Handelsbanken’s decentralization approach? Provide arguments WHY these are key - base your answer on examples and arguments from your group's own business and work experiences and not on 'copy & paste' from other sources. People =; entrepreneur. (Christian) responsibility of control cost/earning profit/risk management, down to individuals. local resources and market.

Customer-orientation (Christian, to provide live example) Autonomy (elaine, to provide live example from her own company to support this point). 3. What does this tell us about the key sources for success of ANY decentralized business? empowerment/autonomy (control & responsibility down to branch) foster the competition among decentralized units. use KPI to closely monitor the performance of decentralized units. Shared value amongst all branches. systematic support from head office for all units. (?? ) 4. What are the challenges that Lars Kahnlund faces in this particular organization, in his efforts to drive change and accelerate growth? alance the culture of autonomy and directive approach. =; branch has strong motivation to control its own product and service. =; from perspective of entire company, new competitive products may be also needed. really hard to control the decentralized unit, because there are so many branches out there and structure is so flat. how would he get his strategy executed effectively and efficiently ? how can we keep them in order ? too many culture in different areas, so he needs to take care culture conflicts. resistance from employees is expected. (elaborate on this later, including the perservative culture)

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