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Published: 2021-09-03 20:45:09
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I am really pleased to have some discussion about my interest to apply for Sloan MBA program. I am determined to take admission in an MBA program in a reputable school and Sloan School of Management is one of my top priorities. The reason that I’ve chosen your school is that MIT Sloan is most popular and reliable in administrating and imparting education to business professionals. It has been able to launch change in our current business environment.

Its reputation is much known among professionals and still its well educated and learned faculty is still contributing to this culture. I am much acquainted with the culture you promote and also easy and compassionate essay questions you ask. By taking MBA program at Sloan School of Management I hope that I will learn a lot about business dealings and can perform much better in the construction business.

Our company is a recognized name in construction industry of China. We have been engaged in steel structural design, manufacture, and installation for more than ten years. Amazingly, our sales have grown tenfold in the last two years.
Though it appeared that we were flourishing but there were uncontrollable crisis through which we were passing. For several months we worked under great pressure and none had time to consider company’s long-term goals.
As I’ve spent uncountable hours in allocating assignments, monitoring status, solving problems, and handling nonstop incidents. My experience shows that we need a change in company’s environment.
We have to change current project-based model to a mass production and commercialize our products. In order to enhance my career as a ‘project manager’ and my working knowledge in this business I am very keen to take this program. During my management career I’ve successfully dealt with several complex situations and led a team to complete most difficult and time consuming projects in rural China.
I have also shown outstanding quantitative analysis skills and innovated new and extremely useful operational modes in the company. I want to excel my skills and compete in this business as a successful businessman.
My capabilities show that I am a proven leader not just an entrepreneur. In order to put my vision into practice I must continue my studies and complete my MBA from Sloan institute of Management. I hope Sloan will play important role in transition of my career success.
My visions are clear and I am determined to pursue my career in this field. After graduating from Sloan, I will return to my family business to take charge of overseas market expansion, and form a total solutions transnational steel-structure on partnership basis. I have planned to combine our unparalleled design originality with competitive cost advantage to broaden our business scope by promoting customized Composite Steel Structural Villa.
Besides, I have also planned to establish Green House Business Group and Material Innovation Team for better environmental protection. Furthermore, my plan also includes developing multilateral investment strategies and conducting upstream industrial integration. Finally, I aim to capture venture capital for carrying out IPO in 2015. My ultimate objective is to lead my business as a driving force in the world’s economy with a clear mission and improve living standards.

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