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Published: 2021-09-14 17:50:08
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Arun day 9D1 English (go compare adverts-traffic jams-midges) 20/12/12 the first thing i would put in room 101 would be the most irritating thing probley on TV which of course would be the go compare adverts. now how many people would want to listen to a crazy dancing loony tick running around yelling 'go compare'. Also to make matters worse at the end of the advert you have probley got a headache from his deafening voice.
I bet that quite a few people have literally turned off their TVs because of the adverts. so overall i think that's why the go compare adverts should go in room 101 and fast. ow the second thing i would put in room 101 would be traffic jams. traffic jams in my opinion are just a waste of valuable time where you could be doing something better than sitting in your car somewhere half way down a motorway not moving. but when you do move you commonly move at least 100 yards before stopping again. now for example say you're going to a family get together or meeting up with a old friend you don't want to be late. but guess what there's probley a 3 mile long traffic jam and when you finally reach your destination you get moaned like it was your fault for not being on time.
But what really annoys me is when you have your window open in a traffic jam and all of a sudden a midge decides to appear then of course it bites you. Now that brings me onto my third thing i hate. the reason i hate this little bugs are because of their annoying but painful little bites that don't stop hurting for around a week. also i hate it when i walk into Tesco's and see the midge repellents which say they work but trust me they don't. there's nothing at all that can stop these fly's from biting your skin and ruining your summer holidays. I hope you all see why these three things should go into room 101. thank you for listening.

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