Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Published: 2021-09-03 20:00:12
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Nursing is a profession that needs a courage, compassion, and patience. It is not just a matter of giving assistance to the doctors nor an attendant to the hospital units. Nurses are doctor themselves. They are the ones who do the monitoring and caring for the patience. They help the ill to recover not just physically but also mentally given the fact that they are the ones who stay there beside the patience.

Their presence are great help in recovery of every patience, that is why, a nurse should not only perform or do the job of being a nurse just for the sake of fulfilling that profession. Instead, a nurse, with worth compassion should be able to correlate with other people for better accomplishing of the job.

Anyone could nurse the ill person but legally speaking, professional nurses are the ones who could legitimately check an ill person confined in hospitals since they are the ones who are into the nursing practice and are knowledgeable and skilled enough to do the duty.
In a perspective of a professional nurse, a person goes beyond the biological definition in usual. Rather, it is a human being that deserves an equal treatment among people in the society. No matter what their status in the social strata, there should always be an equal treatment of people especially when it comes to health service. That is why, it is important for every nurse to be more professional in their job and thus, should not be biased in any cases.
The health is very important to monitor for a nurse. It is the state of the body or condition of the body ideally free from any illnesses and hazards of any kind of disease whereas ideally, is the nurse first goal for the patients.
In any health education, a nurse has the responsibility to disseminate information in maintaining good health and how to have one. A person should always know how to have a proper care of his body for him to have a good health so as to avoid diseases that might cause poor body condition, or worst, death.
The environment is the physical set up of the surrounding. It determines and contributes a lot for the recovery of one person who had just been sick. It should be conducive enough for revitalization of one’s health. It should not be a kind of place that is prone to hazardous elements of pollution. Not just the physical set up here is being counted but also the people around are part of the environment that is why, physically and emotionally, environment is very important aspect in nursing the patient.
Retrieved on September 30, 2007 from the Microsoft Encarta 2007.

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