Nike Creative Brief

Published: 2021-09-22 01:05:08
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Nike Creative Brief Key Fact:Nike is brand name that is well respected and has a long-standing history. The brand name Nike is almost synonymous with the word “sport” or the term “athlete. ” Problem Communications Must Overcome:Nike is the leader in Textile – Footwear and Apparel, despite this Nike is still seen by some as unethical because of their labor practices overseas. Communications Objective:Nike hopes to change this perception without having to change its business model.
By continuing to be the leader and setting the standard in the Textile – Footwear and Apparel category, Nike hopes to eventually disconnect itself from that negative perception. Principal Competition:Reebok: Smaller, but still lots of life, they own the rights to many professional sports uniforms such as the NFL and the NBA. Adidas: The most like Nike. They mostly make their living off of Soccer apparel and footwear. Under Armor: The up and coming brand, they have the edge athletic wear that athletes wear under their uniforms.
Target Audience:Demographics: People who are active, they like to go on a walk, run, or jog. Or people who are athletes. Psychographics: “I like to have the newest and freshest looking athletic wear. I’m not very price-sensitive as long as the product looks and feels good. ” Dominant Leverage Point:Only Nike offers such a vast selection of athletic wear and footwear. The best of the best athletes such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan endorse Nike and have their own lines of apparel and shoes.

Support (Reasons Why):Nike provides apparel and footwear to countries all over the world. Nike has the worlds greatest athletes endorsing their products. Nike has the largest line of products available to its customers. Tonality (Brand Soul):Fresh, flashy, fun, the best. The world’s best athletes wear Nike. Anticipated Consumer Response:“Dude I got these fresh new Nikes, let’s play some sports! ” Mandatory and Policy Limitations:Nike Logo Nike Tagline: “Just do it” Web address: www. nike. com

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