Music Education and Mentoring

Published: 2021-08-30 00:25:08
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Would the importance and role of music education be a possible intervention for at-risk urban adolescents? Some studies have been conducted to see if there is a link between music education and global self worth.

Participation in the arts can have a positive influence on students to remain in school. In these studies, the self -esteem of students at-risk are raised through participation in a music program.

Some studies show a positive impact on students (Acer, 1987; Taylor, Barry, & Wall, 1997; Thompson, 1995; Trusty and Olivia, 1994), however, other studies suggest there is a little effect of using music instruction as an actual treatment (Lomen, 1970; Wamhopff, 1972).
In this specific study, the terms “ students at risk” are described as students who have difficulties in various aspects that can reduce their chances greatly of success in school and society. Music intervention is suppose to raise the level of self worth in these students. Global self worth is described as to how happy a person is with life and his or herself.
This study was conducted on all students at a alternative school for the arts in a large urban district.  It is noted that there were 150 sixth graders, but where the other grade level students included in this study? It is not clearly noted.  These students had two periods of classes in the arts for a semester, and then one period in the second semester with a daily activity.  Students who were to participate in this study were nominated by homeroom teachers, guidance counselors, and the principal. There were five categories composing of 54 characteristics describing the student.
These categories were Home & Family, Academic, School setting, Social Skills Adjustment & Behavior, and Physical & Mental Health. The largest at risk characteristic was Academic (n=139) and then Social Skills Adjustment & Behavior (n=120).  Parents were included in this study, however since this study is suppose to check the impact on students, parents should have not been included in my opinion. Students were given a pretest for checking self perception and a posttest after 16 weeks.
To check the results, questionnaires, scales, and interviews were conducted.  The data presented shows least chance for students scores of self perception for scholastic competence and behavioral conduct.  The perception for musical competence arose.
The aim of the study was to see if music intervention will give a rise to self worth so students can function well in school and society, but the results show low percentage. The students do see music as something interesting after the study but that was not the aim of the study from my understanding. To conclude, the data compared from the pretest and posttest show no significant difference in music intervention helping self worth to be successful in school and society.
Researchers have found a positive impact of students interests in the arts. Musical competency is shown not to be related to global self worth. Researchers did not show the link of music intervention helping in the academic and social life.
Journal of Research in Music Education, Fall 2001 v 49 i3 p273(14)Music education and mentoring as intervention for at-risk urban adolescents: their self perceptions, opinions and attitudes. (Statistical Data Included) Christina Shields. Full Text : COPYRIGHT 2001 MENC- The National Association for Music Education

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