Mountain Resorts in Malaysia

Published: 2021-09-15 14:45:09
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There are three mountain resorts that are famous as a tourist attraction throughout the Asian region. The thousands of tourists who visit and revisit these three places are proof that these three mountain resorts are fun, addictive and keep you coming back for more. Which three mountain resorts that I am talking about? The three most popular mountain resorts as a tourist attraction in Malaysia are Genting Highland, Cameron Highland and Fraser’s Hill. Genting Highland, the Las Vegas of Malaysia, have three main activities.
The first is a wide selection of outdoor and indoor theme parks. The indoor theme park has six theme areas from around the world, each with unique rides. The outdoor theme park features rides suitable for the entire family, such as the double loop Corkscrew for the adults and teenagers and the Flying Jumbo for small children. (pktan, Travel Guide Malaysia, 2007) If you are looking for something else to do, you could gamble at the only legal casinos in Malaysia. There are table games and slot machines for your entertainment. Wikitravel, n. d) Other than that, Arena of Stars in Genting has shows from musical concerts to live shows and sporting events. This fully-roofed amphitheater can make your holiday to be an unforgettable one. (rwgenting. com, n. d) Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular highlands retreat around Malaysia, losing out only to Genting Highlands. There are many different activities that can occupy your time there. Firstly, there are many agriculture farms there, such as tea plantations, strawberry farms and vegetable farms.
To savor the delicious fruits, you can pluck the strawberries yourself or just visit the day market at Kea Farm. (Cameron Highlands Online, n. d) There are also honey bee farms and butterfly farms scattered around Cameron. Various honey products and framed preserved butterflies can be bought as a souvenir. (Cameron. com. my, n. d) Thirdly, there is a museum called Time Tunnel Gallery, where the past of Cameron Highlands can be seen through photographs.

It is full of heartwarming relics from the local descendants from the pre-war days. (Clove Two, 2009) Fraser’s Hill is one of the famous mountain resorts in Malaysia. A few hundred years ago, Scottish James Fraser recruited some guides and hacked his way to the top of the mountains on Titiwangsa range in search of gold and precious metal. He did not find gold but made a home there and opened a tin mine as it is rich in tin deposits. The British authorities build a hill tation there after he disappeared 25 years later and named it Fraser’s Hill. (JourneyMalaysia. com, n. d) Fraser’s Hill is the coolest place in Malaysia. (Kuantan Hotels. com, n. d) The view is spectacular and is a hotspot for naturalists and photographers. As a result, it is a popular tourist attraction and attracts around 60,000 tourists a year, as reported by M. Hamzah Jamaludin from The New Straight Times. Other than visiting Fraser’s Hill for nature, there are also many sport activities that could be enjoyed by the whole family.
Nature walk, bird watching, golf, fishing and horse riding are just some of the many activities that could fill your day. (Pahang Tourism, 2011) As the years grow, Fraser’s Hill is slowly growing to be the top tourist attraction in Malaysia. In conclusion, Genting Highland, Cameron Highland and Fraser’s Hill, are all exciting, tourist attraction mountain resorts in Malaysia. These three resorts lure many tourists, local and international, to Malaysia every year, no doubt making them the three most renowned mountain resorts in Asia.

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