Liberal arts and counseling

Published: 2021-08-30 05:30:09
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Another important skill that is in application in counseling is writing. This can be described as the presentation of thoughts and ideas in textual medium which is quite different from illustration.

Every aspect of academics employs this skill and therefore they is no way we can have counseling without writing. Writing is very important because during counseling sessions, notes should be taken because in the end, you will use those notes in deducing your verdict.

Writing skills here are very important because the notes taken have to take a certain logical order. Notes well taken in previous sessions can be used in various ways like in researches especially when a particular problem is recurring and no permanent solution is forthcoming (Chen, Noosbond, & Bruce, 1998).
Research done in counseling field is based on those notes that is taken or gotten from clients therefore the format of writing and how it is done is very important. This writing is not important to the counselor only but sometimes communication between the counselor and counselee may be through writing because of barriers in verbal communication.
The goodness of this is that it tries to personify the problem and create two entities. This makes analyzing the problem easier because you can look at the problem alone and the counselee alone thereby studying the two entities separately and then combining your findings so that you can give a clinical and professional solution to the problem (Tomm, 1989).
Writing option is a very effective method of counseling especially with the adolescents that are shy in expressing themselves and it exploits strength based approach not neglecting the cultural aspects of the society. This is essential in setting up individual paces because traditionally the adolescent is usually at a slower pace than the counselor.
When the pace is set up, it builds up confidence on the part of the adolescent thereby speeding up the whole process and making drawing of conclusions easy. However, the writing method may not be applicable to all adolescents especially those that are poor in writing skills (Tomm, 1989).
The above liberal arts skills are phenomenal in effective counseling. They rely on one another such that it is almost like a mandatory requirement to have them or at least consider them before advancement of career in counseling.
Humanity study comes naturally despite it being included in most curricular in university studies. Oral expression is learnt especially when one is involved in literature studies where poetry is involved. The writing skill covers the other skills since after all is said and done; one has to put down something.
Writing is important in keeping records and conducting the counseling itself because sometimes it is a means of communicating with the clients. Contribution of liberal arts to counseling is immense almost making the two disciplines one because of interdependence on one another.
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