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Published: 2021-09-15 18:35:10
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Phase 1 Company’s Market Planning Colorado Technical University MKT210-1301B-07 Fundamentals of Marketing Lou Piermatteo February 25, 2013 Frosted Mini-Wheat’s The product I have chosen is Frosted mini-wheat. Frosted mini-wheat is one of the number one products of breakfast food. Frosted mini-wheat was first launched on the east coast in 1961. In 1961 Frosted mini-wheat’s was nationally debuted making mornings shine from sea to shining sea. Frosted mini-wheat is made of whole-grain fiber to keep you at your best all morning long. We will be discussing the market strategy and mission goals of Kellogg’s frosted mini-wheat.
Kellogg’s and frosted mini wheat’s take pride in helping people stay healthy and in fit. Company’s Mission Statement Frosted mini-wheat’s mission statement or jingle is “ Keeps’em full and focused” (Kellogg’s 2012). Frosted mini-wheat’s is a big breakfast in a little biscuit. Kellogg’s believes that every morning should start with a healthy breakfast. Kellogg’s frosted mini-wheat’s has commercials all over the television today. They are ranked number 17 in television advertising. Frosted mini-wheat’s is one of the top cereal marketers; they market directly to the parent’s and not the children.
The television commercial’s target children to get them to eat a more healthy breakfast to get their day started. Kellogg’s frosted mini-wheat’s is packed with fiber and almost a full days’ worth of gains to keep you full all morning(Kellogg’s 2012). Kellogg is a Global Company Committed to Building Long-Term Growth In Volume and Profit and to Enhancing its Worldwide Leadership Position by Providing Nutritious Food Products of Superior Value Company’s Business and Marketing objective and goals

Kellogg’s is focused on enriching and delighting the world though foods and brands that matter. They are nourishing families so they can thrive and flourish. Kellogg’s is a company of possibilities and promises of people and their well-being. Today nutrition continues to be the core of our business. And cereal is an integral part of how we can help to meet the nutritional needs of people all over the world (Kellogg’s 2012). Kellogg’s believes in integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity, and results.
The more the company can do for the community the more people will want to buy their products. (Kellogg2012). What is the Company’s position in the Marketplace and it’s Differentiation Strategies? Kellogg’s is ranked number three is marketing facts from 2009 reports. They use television and internet marketing for their advertising. In February 2012, Kellogg’s introduced 2 dozen new products. They expected 15% of 2012 global sales from products introduced in the previous three years. Kellogg’s is commitment to product innovation has brands that consumers know and love (surperformance 2013).
Kellogg’s financial highlights of 2011 show increases over the past five years. The net sales were up 4%, operation profit up by 2%, and the net earnings per share were up by 6%. Kellogg’s net sales for 2011 were $13. 2 billion dollars (Kellogg’s annual report 2011). The 2011 report shows the progress and future direction in four key areas; Marketplace, workplace, environment, and the community. Kellogg’s is dedicated to help the community. In February 2013, Kellogg’s pledged to provide one-half billion servings of breakfast to children and families who need it the most.
They are the number one cereal company in the U. S. Kellogg has pledged $1 million in grants in the U. S. to nonprofit partners Action for Healthy Kids®, Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry® campaign and Food Research and Action Center so that more schools can participate in federally-funded breakfast programs. The company will also work to expand breakfast programs around the globe, maximizing product donations and advocating for the important role breakfast plays in the diet. (Kellogg2012).
Control 42% of global market share for Pre-sweeter cereal, which is more than triple the market share of any of their competitors. They have the strongest brand recognition and advertising recollection of all the cereal manufacturers (Kellogg2012). Kellogg’s is a very passionate company. They look out for their customers just as much as their employee’s. The more a company does for the community the more people will buy their products. Frosted mini-wheat’s is a cereal that Kellogg’s has promoted and made a number one cereal.
There are many different kinds of frosted mini wheat’s to keep up with the changes and taste of people today. Frosted mini wheat’s are a nutrition and healthy breakfast for everyone. They're packed with fiber! That's what makes whole grains so terrific. Starting your day with one bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheat’s® cereal delivers 24% of the daily value of dietary fiber for adults. That's 3 times the fiber compared to Honey Nut Cheerios. (Kelloggs2012). Kellogg maintained its previously provided outlook for 2013.
For 2013, Kellogg expects net sales growth to be approximately 7%, while reported earnings (excluding impact of mark-to-market adjustments but including Pringles integration costs) are expected to grow between 5% and 7%. Reported operating profit ((excluding impact of mark-to-market adjustments) is expected to increase at a higher rate than earnings growth (Zacks2013). References www. 4-traders. com/kellogg-company. com www. kelloggcompany. com www. kelloggcompany2011annualreport. com http://sg. finance. yahoo. com/news/kellogg-beats-overall-keeps-2013-181621345. html www. frostedminiwheats. com www. sbaweb. wayne. edu/~ssasser/pp29. ppt

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