Harlem Literary Warriors

Published: 2021-09-01 03:10:11
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The legacies of slavery, freedom and racism continuously linger in the pages of history.  African American literature blatantly caters varied stories of experiences of those who had been witnesses of the struggles in the Renaissance time (Fabre and Feith).

It was a time when the frustrations, desires, sentiments and everything that had been felt by those who felt that they were being oppressed were established in the form of literary pieces established in publications for the purpose of being heard (McKay and Gates).

The lame fact of that certain point of time is that it had been a time of agony and doom for some of those who had their heart on writing.  The oppression and deprivation reached up to the point of not being able to be recognized in the field which they wanted to be a part of (Jones).
Blacks were not considered as a part of the society, enjoying the privileges which had been sought by those who believed that they were above their race (Jones).  It felt like they were hooked on a string like puppets.
Zora Neale Hurston Unleashed
Known as a woman of deep interest on anything under the sun with a seminal figure of the vintage Harlem Renaissance; celebrated writer, anthropologist and part-time singer actress, shared her skills in the literary world by writing short stories, essays, novels, plays tackling different subjects aimed in enticing the eyes of the empathic masses (Kaplan).
However, her classical works have not been published and produced given such reason that a lot of people in her time were considerably beyond her reach, a reason why here works were not often given credit (Nelson).
But fate was not as bad as to how it could have seemed, in the person of Wallace Thurman, she was given the chance to share her masterpieces in literature and aside from that, a deeper sense of connectivity lingered but unfortunately soured which was even published forcefully negative against her in an autobiography (Kaplan).
Succession of her works
Obscurity swallowed her being leading to a sad death.  If questions ought to pop out in mind for such confusion on how her works came out in the scene, Alice Walker’s succession among Hurston’s works is most likely the most suitable answer (Hurston; Kaplan).
Hurston’s Political Rhetoric
Hurston’s imperialistic and political stand in her works portrayed an array of incongruous arguments against cultural politics.  She always believed that the cultural populism is a way of energizing a battalion of democracy (Hurston; Nelson).
Community based role innovative representations tiled her echelon of praises for the flexibility of her beliefs in political deeds and perceptions.  Her folklore commitment served as driving force in linking to an authoritarian and ethnically catalyst in political idealism (Hurston; Nelson; Kaplan).
Genius of the South
Her style in writing, though often criticized for the fact that it had not been adhering to what was common and desired by the government, portrays a perfect representation of the freedom of the press, one of the rights of a state which was in her time, not given credit to; her collaboration of passionate and zealous words and her ways in revealing language as well as concealing the cores of the soul, ensemble an indulging arena of classical writing (Hurston; McKay and Gates).
The oral folklore which consistently fused her rationality and narrating her life story at the same time, an example by which various authors are mimicking nowadays to catch a reader’s attention had been a breakthrough in destabilizing the mishaps of contemporary literature.  Skipping the conventionality to higher form of intellectual skill in scribbling aiming tom entice the flaming emotion of quest for freedom (Fabre and Feith).

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