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Published: 2021-09-15 21:50:09
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There are four functions in management. These functions are: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. This paper is explains each function and how it relates to an organization. The following is an explanation taken from the book Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, by Bateman and Snell, chapter 1, 2, 3, 8, 2009. These four functions are what management is about. The first function in management is planning. Managers must have vision to accomplish the missions and goals planned. Through strategies that will lead to the objectives and finally the goal the company has.
A manager must set a course of action in order to achieve his objectives and have success. Planning has a few steps such as environmental scanning, strategic planning, tactical planning and operational planning. Environmental planning consist of being conscious of the economic condition, there clients and the competition. Strategic planning consists of strategizing with the company’s competition, knowing if they can be a danger for the company. Knowing the company’s strength and weakness and how to deal with this is very important in planning.
Tactical planning is long term planning. This may mean from one to three years and is used in the development of precise means in strategic planning. Operational planning is short term planning. This means plans for less than a year and is used to support tactical and strategic planning (Bauer, Carpenter, & Erdogan,   2008). Planning is followed by the function in management of organizing. Organizing in management is the structural part and is the part that involves all the companies’ employees. In organizing the company they use graphics.

Decisions made regarding this organizational design are referred to as organizational design decisions. Job design is the name given to the duties an employee must carry out and how these duties are executed. .The next function in management is leading. Leading is more the social capacities that can inspire the employees to do their task effectively. A manager must be an effective leader in order to make subordinates operate and meet the company’s goals. Leading requires a manager to understand his subordinates and it is important to understand diversity.
Motivating the employee’s is very important and reaches the companies objectives and goals. Managing a company is not the same as leading a company. Managing means to manage the employees, to lead is to make sure the task assigned are done efficiently and on time, this may also include the rules a company has, have been followed. The leader is the guide and motivator that the tasks to be done are accomplished on time and within the company’s standards Controlling is the function in management that puts to work the plans made for the company.
Controlling is based on three steps. These steps are: establishing performance standards, comparing actual performance against standards, and taking correction standards when necessary (Bauer, Carpenter, & Erdogan,   2008). Budget and auditing are important when controlling. The information provided with the budget and the auditing reports are what tell a manager in what direction the company is going. The function of controlling should not be mistaken with controller or manipulative. It is important to take actions that lead the company to the goals planned.
Measuring accomplishments compared to established goals is what managing is about. The management functions explained above (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) (POLC), are what best define a managers responsibilities. A good manager is a good leader that will carry out the plans made for the company and lead it to its objectives and goals. These functions provide organization and structure to a company and provide management the necessary tools to be successful in leading to the objectives planned.

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