Football Violence

Published: 2021-09-10 03:25:09
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Football hooliganism is increasing in Scotland, but in the 80s that’s when football violence was at its worse. Over the past years it has being increasing in vast numbers of football thugs from different cities and whenever there team play they travel to the game and after hoping for a fight with the opposite firm.
The first recorded incident of a large scale crowd fight was in 1909 with Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. Scotland’s first organised firm was Aberdeen (Aberdeen Casuals) which included Punks and skinheads. The ‘casual’ name became a big part in it because they wore casual clothing such as big brands known as Fila, Lacoste, ellesse and Adidas original. In this clothing they were disguised and had no trouble with police and now that there fights were organised it was bound to happen.
The other Scottish firms such as St.Mirren (Love Street Division), Clyde (Shawfield Shed End Boys), Dundee and Dundee United (Dundee Utility), Celtic (Celtic Soccer crew), Rangers (ICF Inter City Firm), Hibernian (Capital City Service), Motherwell (Saturday Service), Partick Thistle (North Glasgow Express), Falkirk (fear) And Dunfermline (Carnegie Soccer service), but topping all those firms was the victorious ASC Aberdeen Soccer Casuals.

In the 1980s the Aberdeen’s ASC and Hibernians CCS became the most feared casual force in Scotland but as Hibernian edging their way to the top spot after a few years. From the 2000s the casual scene has declined in Scotland but recently firms such as Aberdeen, Dundee Utility, Celtic Soccer Crew, Hibernian, Hearts, Partick Thistle, Airdrie, Love Street Division and Rangers Still have a large number of casuals active. In the Euros of 96 the CCS (hibs) along with Celtic’s CSC, Dundee Utility, Partick Thistle’s NGE, Motherwell’s SS, St Mirren’s LSD, and Aberdeen ASC organised a fight with Chelsea, Millwall, Rangers and Airdrie Section B in the centre of Trafalgar square. This incident attracted worldwide media with footage of the two large firms during the action.
In the 2000s the police had to come up a solution to reduce the numbers of firms and in a result of this any football casual caught in action was handed a stretch of five years in prison, the government hit the casual scene hard by doing this. They also increased the number of CCTV in Britain. In Scotland they also introduced FoCus police which go to games and video a suspicious crowd and they will try and gather on suspects of the football firm. It has worked out to be a good idea and it has caused some football clubs to ban the some of the casuals from the ground temporary or even permanently, this at least stops violence inside the grounds of the football club.
Football violence in Scotland is bad but in England its history goes way back. England has double the firms and probably triples the amount of casual members. In England football hooliganism is far worse than what it is in Scotland but the police are on top of it. I think all this violence at football should be stopped because it is a family sport there are children at the game, not only violence but racism and sectarianism should also have a stop put to it and the worst culprits are the English because of the size of the country the members of the firms double.
Schemes like ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ have had an impact on the situation because racism is out of order but also really offensive. In the modern day it is the youngsters keeping the scene alive that is why it is increasing but still a lot of older casuals. The younger firms out there such as Hibs baby crew (hibs), Rangers Youth (rangers), Celtic baby crew (celtic), Alliance Under Fives (Dundee, Dundee utd) Paisley Under Fives (st.mirren) Morton youth (Morton) and many more there are a lot more younger firms trying to live up to their club firms reputation.
The youngsters see themselves as the next generation but they are young and obviously don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Football violence is a horrible thing and very dangerous so it is vital that the police are always on their toes ready for the firms to kick off at any moment and cause catastrophe in Britain’s streets. The police are cracking down on the big names in the game which is good progress and hopefully in feature years the casual scene is totally broke down and football fans don’t need to worry about their safety and enjoy the wonderful game of football.

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