Erin Healy: A Designer Profile

Published: 2021-09-10 13:55:09
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Erin Healy from Florida is the new Queen in the Fashion Industry. She is the champion of the highly coveted “Top-International-Upcoming-Designer” award. This happened in her latest showcase of designs known as by her name. The designs are stylish and have magnificent accomplishments. They are sparkling, classic and worn easily which explains the reason of their preference by most celebrities. A good example of celebrity clientele is Whitney Thompson America’s Top Model winner. The fact that Erin has three kids does not deter her from pursuing her lifetime dream.

She is indeed a rising star and a new amazing talent of style. Her pieces are lustrous and modish which explains their popularity. Her latest collection is composed of cool flirty minuscule dresses decorated by fine hairs and fasten flowers. Healy also integrated elegant tops without straps and camisoles corresponding with shorts as well as coats. She really borrowed from nature by using colors of natural features, a bunch of foreign silk featuring animal stamps and textures. The above illustrations are an assortment of a few of Erin Healy Designs in a showcase.

Her designs have gained popularity after she scooped the award. According to the upcoming designer, fashion is the gorgeous art that expresses a character and vigor of a person through dressing. She described Miami’s fashion as thrilling. It is full of style, a fit for everyone and it is fashion frontward. She discovered her talent in fashion design while she was still in secondary school. She started by designing own dresses and for friends. Her style descends from a lady with a passion of refined and stylish look.
Her favorite models that she enjoys working with locally include; Jordan Healy her daughter and Erin’s friend Lauren Rossi both in Jacksonville. In Miami is Jesika Marcano. Responding to a question on design process, Erin says that is no distinct process. It usually advances from a simple idea that comes to the designer in strange ways like dreams. Immediately an idea comes, she sketches out before she even explores the fabric option. In other cases the type of fabric generates the design.
Her favorite designers include; ad Ghandour, L. A. M. B, Coco Chanel and Eduardo de las Casas. Her designs are available at a private showroom Gallery in the Artistree and to her what matters most the confidence on the women that wear her design. The choice of Miami to showcase her design is out of love and passion for the place. She loves the residents, the culture and style. That is why she participated in the Miami International Fashion Week emerging winner challenge and made it to the three top finalists.
Miami has helped her to develop her career in a very special way for it is here that her designs came to the limelight. The preparation of a fashion show according to the top designer involves some simple steps. First, develop the story, choose a photographer and settle on the location. Secondly, decide on the make up designers and hair style experts, and prepare a procession of models as well as casting. Thirdly, she will plan a decent and collaborate with other experts to accomplish the glance.
Finally is to toil with a renowned DJ and fashion show expert to prepare a fun filled and memorable event full of classy and elegant features. Works Cited Gelhar, Mary. The Fashion Designer Survival Guide. New York: Kaplan Publishing, 2008. Henry, Christine. Emerging Designer: Erin Heasley. Miami Fashion. Retrieved on July 23, 2010 from < http://www. examiner. com/x-6350-Miami-Fashion-Trends-Examiners~y2010m4d5- Emerging-Designer-Erin-Heasley-winner-of-the-Best-International-Emerging-Designer- of-the-Year

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