Development Of Emotional Or Psycholgical Problems In Children

Published: 2021-09-11 21:55:09
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Psychologists, for a long time, have always faced the problem of how various emotional and psychological factors surface and developing human beings. In order to solve this problem, these psychologists have traced the various ailments and causes backwards towards childhood times. As a result, modern psychology, biology, and therapists have looked towards childhood markers which eventually dictate psychological and emotional well-being of children.
However, the problem remains that tracking emotional and psychological problems that eventually surface in adults could and even in early childhood could not essentially be associated only to a single factor, but rather many other variables. In fact, recent research has continuously found many root causes and markers for predicting emotional and psychological problems in adults and especially in children. One such cause and root for emotional and psychological problems could be related to biology and genetics.
As researchers have discovered, various genetic markers may be able to associate themselves with the root causes of abnormal emotional and psychological behavior. In fact, the role that genetics plays in emotion study and psychology has goes so far as to develop a whole new discipline of biological psychology which focuses on genetic factors that eventually result in the disabling or magnification of neural factors.

Specifically in children, these genetic factors may affect psychology through language, pathology, learning and memory, cognition, and even over all consciousness. For example, although a society found in children has been traditionally associated environmental experiences and causes, psychologists have for a long time wondered why some kinds of anxiety disorders found in children come up so early as that social factors and cultural norms could not have played an essential role in its development.
Towards this research, psychologists have discovered that there are genetic markers that could be passed from parent to offspring that directly result in nonnormal anxiety behavior. Also directly to the study of genetics is the association of other biological factors which contribution to emotional and psychological states of children. Genetics, by definition, has to do with the genes of an individual. However, imbalances in organs and biological factors and functions within the human body have also caused such psychological problems to surface in children.
For example, occurrences of cerebral palsy in children -- an abnormal biological condition that significantly affects emotional and psychological well-being of adults and children alike -- could be associated to biological functions and biological causes. However, this research and field of connecting biological relationship to a motion and psychology of children is still in the research stage of scientific development is more and more psychologists are connecting their disciplines in euro signs.
Mostly, at least, these biologists and psychologists have associated emotional and psychological issues of children to euro and brain activity which only reflects that our emotions and psychological state -- even as children -- could not only be associated to the environment. However, among all these disciplines, instructions, and research, a large part of the development of emotional and psychological problems in children could be associated to the environment.
In fact, statistically, bringing together the research of emotional and psychological problems in children, environmental factors pose the most significant statistical and relevant cause for such behavior. Listing them all down and discussing them would fill volumes and volumes of work and relevant research has been made that connects recent environmental and social concerns that have not even been traditionally associated with emotional or psychological effects to children.
For example, just one area of child psychology focuses on the family environment and how it significantly affects and causes many of the problems that surfaced early in childhood that contribution greatly to emotional or psychological health. Also, another childhood years, your pressure and social consciousness -- specifically in the academic setting and age groups -- has been a constant focus of child psychology research because of the significant effects that are contributed by such social pressure and social environment to the way children think and react especially to given situations.
The development of emotional and psychological problems in children, therefore, could either be individual factors in genetics, biology, or environmental factors, work could also be in fact a mix of these three interrelated causal variables. Recent psychological research, again focusing on child psychology, or integrating these three disciplines through the use of open sharing of academic information, to understand the development of emotional or psychological problems in children and they said the research is well underway in the identification of still new variables and factors to problems with regard to child mental health.

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