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Published: 2021-09-13 10:20:08
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All these years Canada expanded into a well-built country. Canada has participated in many battles throughout the world and this has changed how Canada was seen. The first defining moment was the battle of Ypres, where Canadian soldiers were the victims of the first gas attack by the Germans. The second defining moment was the liberation of Netherlands, where Dutch people thank Canadians for the concern towards them. The third defining moment was Canada in Rwanda Africa, where heroism was greatly achieved due to the efforts made by the United Nations.
Due to all these major events; the battle of Ypres, the liberation of Netherlands and Canada in Rwanda Africa, Canadian soldiers gained reputation. The battle of Ypres began, during the first week of April 1915 (Warmuseum. com). Many Canadian’s troops were sent to the city of Ypres. “During the battle German soldiers were advancing fast, they gathered and covered the North, South and East sides”. On April 22th 1915, Germans introduced there new and powerful weapon that can wipe out most soldiers, it was a poison gas (Warmuseum. com).
Many media and people thought that Canadians would have died but many survived and some escaped. The soldiers survived because the leaked on their cloth and covered there face, to survive the gas. During the battle Canadian soldiers would have serious trouble, sometimes there rifle wouldn’t work and get jammed due to the muddy conditions. After a formidable fight, Canadian prime minister received many congrats messages from many countries stating that it was a smart play by the Canadian. Canadian soldiers managed to survive for 48 hours after they were recalled to recruit back (Veterans. gc. ca).

It was one of the biggest defining moments in Canadian history. Canadians have tremendous respect in Netherlands, all because of one event. It was the liberation of Netherlands. During fall of 1944 to spring allied forces closed and surrounded Germany (Veterans. gc. ca). There were many battles that occurred before this event such as the battle of Dieppe. Canadian soldiers played a key role during this event that brought freedom to Dutch people in Holland. Before they got into the liberation, there were many steps to go through. The battle of the Scheldt was a major key step.
Months after D-day, allied forces needed to supply weapons to the soldiers and they required a sea port. The Canadian army had a forceful battle through to open the Belgium port, many soldiers were captured, tortured and killed but this was a major step. After opening the port many Dutch people were starving and cold so the Canadians joined the final push and fed all the Dutch people. Around 200,000 Canadians joined (Veterans. gc. ca). “When Canadian soldiers were marching on the street, Dutch people came and partied along by running behind the tank, inviting the soldiers for lunch”.
They were really happy and respected Canadians for their amazing rescue. This was the second defining moment that changed Canadian history and made the Canadian army superior. The genocide of Rwanda Africa was a major event. It was an issue between to tribes called the Hutus and Tutis. This mission was done along with the United Nations. The deaths began to rise when many Tutis were murdered by the Hutus. Approximately 500,000 and one million were ended up dead (Book : The Rwanda Genocide). Many were raped, killed or murdered. United Nations tried to end the genocide.
“A team was formed called the UNAMIR (United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda)”. There were two Canadian commanders in charge; they were Major – General Romeo Daillaire and Major- General Guy Tousignant (Veteransaffair. gc. ca). During the mission to save Rwandans, 125 personnel ended up dead. After the mission of Rwanda was over, Canada and the rest of the United Nations remained in the country to clean up the humanitarian efforts, and refugee effort and left the country in 1996 (VeteransAffair. gc. ca). “The genocide of Rwanda is still remembered; in April 7th 2004 was an international day for the Rwanda genocide”.
The genocide still remains in many hearts and Canada did a marvelous job assisting them. It was also an important moment in our history. These three defining moments; the battle of Ypres, the liberation of Netherlands and Canada in Africa Rwanda, changed Canada history in many ways. It allowed Canada soldiers to be seen superior with stunning skills. Canada displays a peace keeper role and always will. The Canadian army played major roles in all these moments and we hope that Canadian soldiers we continue their achievement along with success.

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