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Published: 2021-09-12 07:45:09
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Introduction This paper will give the mission and vision statements of the Dog and Man. This is a part of strategic planning. Strategic management is defined as the set of decisions and actions that result in the formulation and implementation of plans designed to achieve a company’s objectives (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Whether a firm is developing a new business or reformulating direction for an ongoing business, it must determine the basic goals and philosophies that will shape its strategic posture (Pearce & Robinson, 2009).
Before finalizing the list of strategic issues, perform what is called a litmus test to confirm that the strategic issues identified are truly strategic (Fire Engineering, p85). This paper will define the guiding principles and give an overview of how the mission and vision statement work together with the values and objectives of the company.
Mission Statement The purpose of a mission statement for a business is to endorse the meanings of the company by articulating the objectives of the business that corresponds with the product or service offered in the market place and the ultimate characteristics of the company that distinguishes the company from the competition. The Dog and Man Club is a place that will provide a clean fun and a safe environment for dogs and their owners to socialize with other dogs and owners.

This club will have activities all family members that cater to the pet with keeping the family in mind. Vision Statement The vision statement of a business describes the business’s goals for the company for expansion and the prospects of the business supplying workers and consumers the things that the business is determined to accomplish. Vision statements should be created for different levels of the department (Fire Engineering, p85). The Dog and Man Club will provide services for both the pet and its owner.
The pets will have a full grooming service available. The owners socialize with other owners over refreshments or book play dates for their pooch. This facility will have area designated for just the dog, dog and owner and an owner’s lounge. The lounge will cater to the complete family so that the grooming experience will be enjoyable for both pet and owner. Guiding Principles The guiding principles are viewpoints that direct a business throughout its existence in all situations, despite of alterations in its objectives, plans, and products or services.
These principles define how the business will operate. This company believes that the pets and the owners should be treated like family while at the Dog and Man. A safe and healthy environment helps owners and pets to interact with others in the facility. We recognize that owners view their pets as family and this company will provide the same atmosphere for all customers. Guiding Principle #1: This is a family oriented business. Guiding Principle #2: All customers will be treated with respect.
Guiding Principle #3: Conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner. Guiding Principle #4: Believe that the combined efforts accomplished through mutual endeavors are significant to our success. The composition of the mission and vision statement combined with the values and objectives supply the groundwork for characterizing and executing the strategic plans. These core statements give direction for a company’s strategic plan. It is imperative the statements are expressed to staff and clients to keep them informed about the business's purpose.
Communicating these statements comprise of assessment and plan development at all stages in the business. Mission Statement The mission statement of a company expresses its motivation for being in business. The mission statement entails classifying and stating what type of business a company will enter. This incorporates a study of buyer requirements and purchaser observations. A mission statement is broad and supposes to continue for an extended period of time. The statement should be short and concise.
It should state the social and or political requirements that are needed to exist to meet, and identify what we do to recognize, foresee, and react to those needs. Vision The vision statement is a short affirmation of where the business wants to be in the future. The vision statement gives a picture of the business as it can be. It should be determined and well expressed. Values Values are the basic beliefs that compel company behavior and decision creation. Values demonstrate key areas to be satisfied.
Most values imply how people and businesses should act in the market place. For example, a company should act with veracity, be ethical, and have respect for employee and customer. Prior to devising the values, a company should start a values review. This would include an assessment of the company's present values. As a component of this audit, the internal and external consumer needs should be scanned, supplier prerequisites, and workforce capabilities used to supply those requirements.
This scanning should take into takes into consideration any outside forces that would have an impact on the business. Objectives Objectives determine the path for the business's process. It is the detailed quantifiable conclusion to be achieved in the detailed time boundaries. The objectives include precisely defining how the strategic objectives will be achieved, making a decision who will accomplish what and by what time, and identifying how the business will recognize who has completed what and when.
When defining an organization one should maintain a clear image of the end product. An unclear image of your business can have a negative result the expectations of a company. This can limit and even hinder its growth. The mission, vision and values declarations describe the purpose and direction of the business. These statements are essential to strategic planning. This will assist the business in advancing. This will hinder and possibly eliminate certain problems due the plan of action being precise and the objective is clear.
Consideration for the consumers, as an alternative of the focal point being the market place, shows that the business understands the requirements of the consumers. This will result in creating a place that a person would want to patronage. These statements produce a significant manifestation that goes further than reports and advertisements. It guarantees that business objectives are supported by the statements. This gives insight on how the business will start, the direction it want to go, and the future goals it plans to accomplish.
Conceptualizing a business begins with a plan. There are certain aspects that are important in the phase. The first is the mission and vision statements. This is the blueprint for the foundation of a company. These conceptual plans can assist a company to begin the preliminary groundwork of the business. If the plans are executed properly, this will enable the business to succeed. It will acquire time to position all the key elements. Defining the mission, vision and values statements is important to conceptualizing a business. This is the foundation for a business to succeed.

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