Compare Japanese and British Industrialization

Published: 2021-09-13 04:05:07
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“Compare political, economic, and social effects of the Industrial Revolution on Britain and Japanese society between 1850 – 1914” An Industrial Revolution is when production advances to machines instead of by hands. Industrial Revolution, which started in the early 19th century in Britain, spread throughout the world and reached Japan around 1868. However, industrialization of each nation was different because of geographical location and cultural influence and thus resulted in similar economic outcome but quite diverse political and social results.
One of the major reasons that caused Industrial Revolution to begin in Britain and Japan is because of geographical similarities. Both Japan and Britain are isolated islands nearby the continent, with limited but enough raw materials to start industrialization. In the case of Britain, it possessed coal, iron, and wool, which Japan had to import from other countries. The economic outcome of both nations was the same: both countries became rich and powerful.
Another similar effect of industrialization between Japan and Britain was their development of technology and military weapons. Driven by the need for raw materials, they both conquered countries in Africa and Asia. Workers in both Britain and Japan suffered a great deal: low wages, long working hours, poor working conditions, living in slums, and perhaps, child labor. The way Industrial Revolution began in both nations was considerably different.

Britain pioneered industrialization in a more natural way; politically Britain had been very stable, free of civil wars and domestic chaos. Economically the country had low tariff which encouraged more trading and production. The British started inventing steam engines, water frames, spinning jenny that helped start Industrial Revolution. They were more motivated to move forward from hand production, unlike the Japanese, they had a modern way of thinking. Japan was “forced” to industrialize because of foreign pressure.
China was colonized not too long before American Matthew Perry arrived in Japan to open the country for trade. From the middle of the 19th century to 1945, the British Empire was so huge that people said the sun never set. In this case of Japan, it defeated first China in 1895, and 10 years later, Russia in 1905. Colonies such as India exported cotton to Britain, and Manchuria and Korea to provide iron and copper for Japan. The population percentage was larger in Britain than it was in Japan.

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