Causes Of Climate Change

Published: 2021-09-13 23:55:10
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Climate change is when the climate changes by warming up or cooling down over a period of time. Climate change is occurring now, the climate is warming up dramatically, and this is known as global warming. In the past the temperature has gone up and has gone down, and the climate has warmed up and then after a period of time cooled down. The first way that climate changes naturally is by the amount of energy produced by the sun and how much we receive. This varies over time, sometimes more energy is produced by the sun and sometimes less is produced.
When the sun produces more energy the climate warms up and when the sun produces less energy the climate cools down, this is because when the sun provides more energy the earth receives more heat, and warms up the climate and when the sun produces less energy the earth receives less heat so the climate cools down, this all happens over a long period of time. The second way the climate changes naturally is by how the earths orbit around the sun changes. The earths orbit can change from orbiting the sun in a spherical way to an elliptical way.
When the earth orbits the sun in an elliptical way the earth is often warmer, because at some points to earth comes closer to the sun in its orbit, and when the earth gets closer to the sun the energy has got less distance to travel, and when the sun and the earth are close together the suns energy has a smaller area to spread over so the energy warms up the climate in that part. The third way that climate changes naturally is by the change in the earth’s axis. At the moment the tilt of the earth is at 23.5 degrees.

When the earth tilts away the earth gets less energy, and makes the climate cooler, but when the earth tilts the other way the earth gets more energy and warms up the climate. This takes place over 41,000 years. The fourth way that the climate changes naturally is as the earth wobbles as it spins on its axis, as the earth wobbles, one side tilts closer to the sun than the other, so the side that gets closer to the sun, receives more energy from the sun, and the energy only has a small distance to travel so it heats up that part of the earth and warms up the climate, and the other side of the earth that wobbles away from the sun has less energy received by the sun and the energy has more distance to travel, so the side that wobbles away from the sun gets cooler and then the climate cools down, as some of it gets lost in space.
The fifth way that the climate changes naturally is by all of the Co2 in the air, all of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is trapping all of the heat, produced by the sun, and this causes temperatures to rise.
Records show that temperatures rose from 8000 BC dramatically even though there were few people on the earth, the earths population was around the population of London. This shows that the climate can warm up with very few people on the earth producing Co2 In conclusion people don’t always produce all the Co2 in the atmosphere or cause the climate to warm up; it could sometimes just be our earth itself.

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