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Published: 2021-09-11 08:15:10
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I have always loved to watch movies and television shows but I guess it was an addiction already for the past couple of months. I can say that I am very much hooked in watching the television for the past seven months. I love the thrill, happiness, suspense I feel whenever I watch something on television. Whenever I am at home, my whole day would be spent in front of the television. I sometimes skip meals just to watch my favourite movie or a certain talk show.

Sometimes I even do not take a bath just to keep track of what I am watching. I love watching those shows that exposes the current fashion, recent social issues, and television magazines, shows that tells Hollywood celebrities’ lives and most of all, movies like suspense thriller, horror, love stories and fairy tales. For me it is the source of my enjoyment, I sometimes forget to study and read books.

I think too much watching the television causes great effects in my being. We cannot deny the fact that the youth are great imitators and that is one of our natures. We really follow and imitate what we see and observed from other people especially when we realize that these people involved manifests excitement in doing such acts and we see these people as beautiful and attractive as they could be; we tend to idolize and mimic it.
Present television’s advertisements, commercials, shows and movies already content acts and scenes that indicates discrimination if one has an unacceptable look physically and intellectually as perceived by the society, as what is being showcased in the standards of the society; that to be beautiful is to have a white complexion, tall, slender, witty and sexually appealing which have great impact to the minds of the younger generations.
These kinds of entertainments will create curiosity and puzzlements to our young minds that will push us to try it by ourselves. This does not concern only the advertisements but also talk shows and movies. They tackle and expose about sex and relationship, love affairs that sometimes we are so caught up with these ideas, which we tend to forget our other responsibilities. I think being bored triggers my addiction to television.
I want something to entertain me so that I do not get too alone. Sometimes I get bored just studying and doing other things, but when it comes to television, I really can’t feel ennui at all. I really feel entertain by the television. I should control my being hooked on television and might as well eliminate it. I should discipline myself and have self control. Within 2 weeks I should minimize my television viewing and by the end of month I must have eliminated this behaviour already.
If I spend too much of my time in front of the television then I will ask my mother to deduct my allowance by 50%, I will not be able to go on a night out during Fridays, I will not be allowed to wake up late during weekends, lastly I will not be able to go out with my friends during week ends. If I will not comply with the contract then my punishment for myself will be destroy all my shoes and sandals and I will come to school on slippers for one day. While if I will be able to follow all the terms in the contract and comply with it then I my reward will be, spending the whole weekend in my favourite beach resort and hotel.

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