Ballet: The Ultimate Expression Of Romantic Imagination

Published: 2021-09-10 21:35:10
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Imagine your legs in rotation from the thin castle of hips to the small tarsal bones of the foot, tracing the path of a man lost in the paradise of love; they revolve around the tiny space underneath the straightened tip of hallux to reinstate the eternal truth: to love is all, to love is supreme. From the abdomen to the cradle of the neck, all muscles are contracted to give support to the flexible rotating limbs. You squeeze some ‘fluid’ off the buttock until it flattens to the dance of romance and strays away...

Away? Oh! Not in the hands of ignoble men belonging to the immoral club but carried by the wind of romance with steps similar to heroic ballerinas like Taglioni and Cerrito. No one can describe that feeling better. No one can depict the imagination and express it in terms easy to understand than the excellent flexible and portable ballerina with graceful moves, steps and turns that drive the heart of the audience to the land of eternal bliss where romance reigns supreme.

With the solo production of gracious music and the body movements on the heroic stage of wonders, from simple demi-plie to complex enchainement, one is swept off the feet, and fallen to the ground only to open one’s eyes to the reality of the imagination. This is what ballet can. Indeed, it is the ultimate expression of the romantic imagination. If you check out the message on display, the music that dictates and the serene environment that fills the hall, one comes to the conclusion that if grand opera were a god, it would bow when it sees ‘ballet’ and exclaims: ‘I am great and gracious.
I bring music in its serenity and divinity. I fill the atmosphere with the grand performance of musicians, their notes and instruments. I do capture the imagination of romance in words and music lines but lack one thing: the calculated moves and accurate body characters of the ballet dancer; the language it speaks is far more reaching than words; it creates the imagination in acts eyes can behold, and sends the mind into the scene with a leader’ Is anything left to say? MATERIALS: Fiero, Gloria K. ; The Humanistic Tradition, Fifth Edition; Volume 5, Chapter 29. Fonteyn, M. (1980). The magic of dance. BBC Books, London

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