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Published: 2021-09-01 15:00:18
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Appreciated for its originality and uniqueness, established a reputation of being a skillfully done website embedded with highly interactive flash animations.

On the onset, it may take time for a browser to fully grasp what the site is all about. But the truth is, the purpose for which the site serves seemed questionable. From a personal point of view though, it is somehow an interesting site.

I am quite amazed at how Han Hoogerbrugge has created such an odd site. If you take at look at the artworks a little bit more deeply, it is rather psychologically disturbing since the creator has distorted images of humans. To some extent, it is even scary and mysterious. But the irony is, it is entertaining and hilarious in the midst of its strangeness.
The five segments of the animation series namely Nails, Hotel, Spin, Flow and Modern Living / Neurotica are forms of self-expression which in my own understanding are done to keep up with living in this extremely complicated environment we have today. Each of these segments shown is deemed to represent our own personality.
Meaning, we could belong to any one or in combination of those depicted animations. And the genius here is, these self-expressions are interpreted in technically striking ways. In fact, it works as a stress-reliever for me at some point of surfing them over and over again.
Finally, is a puzzling multimedia flash site. Any artist who encounters this website will surely be intrigued as to how the author has thought of doing all these works. It is one of the manifestations that art can actually convey itself in a mixture of emotions.
Furthermore, the most amazing about is artworks cannot be judged because it possess an innate freedom where an artist like Han Hoogerbrugge is lucky to have.
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